Category Pages – Ambient Food

Many of us take for granted having a fully stocked cupboard, it is however a luxury that more and more people cannot afford. The increasing use of foodbanks in the UK has highlighted the growing difficulty for thousands of people to access life’s essentials.

Charitable organisations across the country use ambient food and drink in a variety of ways. Many provide residential facilities for beneficiaries and will cater on-site for those that they support. Other charities will welcome anyone walking into their premises with a hot drink and a biscuit, give out sweet treats to project participants or distribute care packages of essential food items for beneficiaries to take away.

From homeless shelters to women’s refuges, from older people’s support organisations to foodbanks and community centres, our diverse network of charities have a constant need for long life food and drink products. For those struggling to make ends meet or in crisis situations, access to quality ambient food is essential to maintain normality and can literally change lives.

According to our 2019 Impact Report, 96% of responding charities said poverty in their local area has been consistent or increased in the last year. This reinforces the need for charitable organisations to step in and support communities with core essentials, such as long-life food.

Our most needed ambient food and drink products are:

1. Tea and coffee

2. Cereals, biscuits and crisps 

3. Soft drinks


We also welcome offers of any new and in-date long life food, such as hot chocolate and other hot drinks, sugar, chocolate bars and sweets, pasta, rice, condiments and cooking sauces.


Unfortunately, at present, we cannot fulfil the ongoing and substantial need charities have for a variety of ambient food and drink.

Currently, we are only able to supply less than 4% of the hot drinks (including tea and coffee) required by our charity network. We also receive less than a third of the biscuits required by our charity network.