Category Pages – Baby Products

Many parents and carers across the UK struggle to afford the day-to-day essentials for their children. As a result In Kind Direct’s diverse network of charitable organisations, including foodbanks, family welfare charities and women’s refuges are vital to provide core baby products and support society’s most vulnerable.

For those subsiding on tight household budgets, access to baby hygiene products and equipment is invaluable for the development and well-being of their children.

According to our 2019 Impact Survey, 69% of responding charities stated they require baby and maternity items to run their services, with 16% of these stressing a notable increase in demand for these types of products in the last year.

Our most needed baby products are as follows:

1. Wipes

2. Nappies

3. Pushchairs and prams


We also welcome offers of any new and unused baby items such as highchairs, car seats, in date baby lotion, oil or shampoo.

There is currently a substantial unfulfilled need for a variety of baby products.

We predict that at present, we are only able to supply under 40% of nappies required by our charities and as little as a fifth of baby wipes!