Category pages: Bedding and Linen

There are few things more important than having a safe, warm and clean place to sleep. Similarly, the ability to wash and dry oneself is vital to keeping people healthy and happy. Household linen including bedding and towels is essential for thousands of our charitable organisations, to run residential centres and give to beneficiaries struggling financially.

According to our 2019 Impact Survey, of our charities working to combat poverty, 88% stated demand for their services has increased in the past year. With tighter charity finances and shrinking household budgets, access to essentials such as bedding and towels through In Kind Direct is more vital than ever!

From new bed sheets for a local hospice and warm duvets for the street homeless to towels given in ‘starter packs’ for people getting back on their feet – our diverse network of charities require household bedding and linen for a multitude of reasons!

Our most needed bedding and linen products are:

1. Towels

2. Single duvets

3. Single bed sheets


We also welcome offers of any other new and unused household linen such as pillow cases, blankets and pillows.


Unfortunately, we cannot fulfil the substantial need charities across the country have for bedding and linen.

At present, we are only able to supply roughly 16% of the duvets and 10% of the towels required by our charity network