Can you help us

Can you help us?

18 June 2021


We’re always looking for ways to highlight the great work you’re doing within your organisations and the communities you support. We’ve worked with a number of charitable organisations in our network to highlight our impact together. See how we helped over 23,000 children secure warm coats working with Glasgow The Caring City and Primark.

  1. For our next range of storytelling videos, we are looking to capture a parent who is happy to talk about the positive impact of their child/ren using your services and how products received through In Kind Direct have helped their child/ren enjoy play, indoor/outdoor activities and their learning development.   

If you’d like to share your stories and have a filmmaker and member of the In Kind Direct team visit your site, please email our Charity Network Manager, Emma. 


We’d also love to know: 

  1. Do you have a kitchen or washroom ?  One of our corporate partners would like to work with a number of our charity partners and donate everyday dispensers and supplies as well as share some useful tips and advice around hygiene and sustainability.
  2. Are you part of a network with other charitable organisations? Can we join a Teams/Zoom meeting with your network to talk about the benefits of our service and how we can help support them too?
  3. Can we come and say hello?  Could you host members of our team to experience first-hand the great work that you do? There’s also a number of us who would love to experience what it’s like to work as a volunteer helping to distribute much needed products within your communities.


Please email our Charity Network Manager, Emma if you are interested in being part of any of the above activities. Thank you!