Managing increased workload

Managing increased workload

07 May 2021


In our recent survey, 82% of you (604) told us that you have experienced an increase in strategy/planning workload because of the pandemic. As Sajida from The Oak Foundation, a charity that has continued to run its nursery and short breaks for children with disabilities, explains:


“We spend more time on admin to oversee our testing programme and on cleaning to make sure surfaces are wiped clean every day. We’ve had more safeguarding cases and high demand for our short breaks when schools were closed. On top of this as a staff group we have been adapting to working from home. The upshot is that we have all been working longer hours to juggle everything”.

If this sounds all too familiar then there are some new wellbeing in work resources available to provide guidance. Here’s our pick of three: 

  1. Tips from Charity Digital on supporting your team when working from home. 
  2. This new free factsheet from CIPD provides pointers on embedding wellbeing initiatives throughout organisations’ culture, leadership and line management.  
  3. Mind offer free downloadable Wellness Actions Plans, if you want a simple way of looking at the practical steps that would help you when you aren't feeling at your best, or how you can support the wellbeing of your team members.