Support children with a #SummerOfPlay they deserve

Support children with a #SummerOfPlay they deserve

18 June 2021


We’re partnering with Save the Children this summer to help get children active and playing outside again.

We are asking organisations to pledge to support a #SummerOfPlay as the COVID-19 restrictions ease. The number of pledgers will strengthen the open letter to the UK government, calling on them to back the #SummerOfPlay initiative and provide additional funding.

Show your support and sign the pledge today.

In July we will be launching our #commUNITY campaign; uniting companies and communities to get back to the things they love. We will be distributing products to support summer activities and play, helping children get mentally and physically active to combat loneliness and drive a positive impact on mental health. Look out for updates on our Facebook page and through our weekly product flyers from July onwards.

Small boy sitting in a colourful ball pool


  • 51% of children said they are playing outside and with friends less than before the pandemic*.

  • Almost a 1/4 of children revealed they’re playing less sport and being less active than before the pandemic*

  • Oxford Brookes University found that lockdown restrictions, reduced external play and more sedentary behaviour had the potential to damage children’s long-term development.

To access products to support your summer activities, look out for updates via our Facebook page and through our weekly product flyers from July.

If you are a company and have products to donate please contact


*Beano Brain research commissioned by Save the Children