Celebrating Small Charities Week

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Share Community is one of the many small charities in In Kind Direct's network

Small charities are the bread and butter of British life. They are physically rooted and culturally embedded in communities, often engaging with local problems and the people hardest to reach.

In Kind Direct works with thousands of the smallest charities across the UK: from hamlet community halls to local hospital charity units, they cover a diverse range of activities, as with larger charities. The majority work in social services and culture and recreation, helping to fill the gaps left by cuts to local council funding.

Every day we hear of the great impact these small organisations have on local communities. Here are just two stories that we received recently from some of our benefiting charities: Harry Whiteside works at Fort Augustus & Glenmoriston Community Company in Scotland. He told us: “A young mum who had recently separated had difficulty getting through the Universal Credit system. We were able to help by ensuring that what little money she had could be spent on food as we provided cleaning items, bath products, baby items and nappies.” On the other side of the country, Tania Jones works at Hayling Island Community Centre near Portsmouth. She told us: “We have a man who had been coming to our job club for several weeks. He had little experience, was rather unkempt, needing support and his confidence boosting. We helped him recognise what skills he did have, practised interview techniques with him and gave him an In Kind Direct welfare pack including a razor and toiletries. He both secured a job interview and is now in employment.”

Accessing funding is more and more competitive for smaller charities. They often miss out on opportunities as donors tend to favour the bigger and better known charities. It’s Small Charities Week, and theses crucial organisations need your help and support.

In Kind Direct has worked with more than 8,500 charities across the UK, the majority of which are small charities. Only 14% responding to our latest impact report reported an income of over £500,000, whilst 59% reported an income of less than £100,000 and 19% have an income of less than £10,000. These are the small charities that help young mums in their community provide a better life for their children. These are the small charities tackling homelessness on a local level by providing warm clothes, footwear and opportunities to learn skills to escape the street. These are the small charities tackling isolation and loneliness in the elderly by hosting daily drop in centres which provide a structure and support network for those most vulnerable.

Without these charities, our communities suffer tremendously. There are so many ways you and your colleagues can help. Small charities need volunteers, fundraisers and people willing to host even the smallest fundraising events. Think about causes close to your hearts. It’s easy to use the Charity Commission website to find causes you want to support which are local to your office or home. Alternatively, companies can fundraise or donate the products they make or sell to In Kind Direct and we will distribute to theses charities helping millions of people every year. We track where products go and report back to our donors about the significant impact being made to people’s lives in communities all over the country.

Whatever way you may choose to make a difference, it’s important to celebrate and support your local small charities this Small Charities Week. When you delve into the work they do, you’ll be amazed to realise how many unsung heroes there are working day in, day out to help vulnerable people in communities all over the country. Be the person to spur others into action at your company!