Category study: Clothing, Footwear and Sports

Every day, sports and outdoor activities are at heart of the service charities provide to disadvantaged people across the UK. Keeping active is not only great for anyone’s physical and mental health, it is a fantastic way to build self-confidence, trust and respect for others, develop team spirit, creativity and ambition.

With the cold season ramping up, it is also essential for everyone to have appropriate, warm clothes and footwear, for themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, faced with volatile funding and increased demand for their services, thousands of charities are struggling to get access to quality sports & outdoor equipment and clothing for their beneficiaries, young or old. Accessing these products through In Kind Direct allows charities to spend more on the people that they support, not the products that they need.

According to our 2019 Impact Report, 90% of responding charities reported an increasing or consistent need for clothes and footwear in the last 12 months, while 47% of respondents said using In Kind Direct helped them to deliver different activities. Having access to sports equipment and clothing can often inspire organisations to diversify their service and provide sporting and outdoor activities which would otherwise be out of budget.


Our most needed products are:

1. Footballs

2. Waterproof coats

3. Trainers

4. Fleeces


We also welcome offers of any new and unused outerwear, sportswear and adult clothes.

Whether it’s waterproof jackets for the homeless, trainers and footballs for a youth centre or warm jumpers for the elderly, our diverse network of charity partners have a constant need for sportswear, clothes and shoes, to run their activities and distribute to their beneficiaries.

Unfortunately, we cannot fulfil the ongoing need charities have for outerwear, sportswear and sports equipment.