Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct


In Kind Direct is a registered charity which redistributes surplus products from manufacturers and retailers to UK charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises to use in their operations or to be given for free to their beneficiaries. In Kind Direct believes that all activities related to the business of In Kind Direct should be conducted honestly, fairly and with integrity. This Code of Conduct sets out the policies that we expect our stakeholders to follow.

This Code of Conduct governs our business practices. All business relationships and contracts entered into by In Kind Direct and any other group companies should comply with and be consistent with this Code of Conduct.

General Policies

In Kind Direct has responsibilities to many individuals and organisations who are stakeholders in the activities of In Kind Direct. These stakeholders include donors, funders, charity partners, voluntary and community sector partners, other recipients of goods, service providers and other suppliers as well as trustees and employees.

In order to ensure that In Kind Direct fulfills its responsibilities to all stakeholders, In Kind Direct adheres to the following policies:

  • We will not enter into a business relationship with any individual or organisation that we have any reason to believe may be involved in any unlawful or unethical business practices.
  • We expect that all parties with whom we enter into a business arrangement will only follow business practices which comply fully with all applicable legislation, are transparent and are conducted with honesty and integrity.
  • We expect all partner organisations and service providers to respect the human rights of all employees and provide a safe and healthy working environment and not to ask any employee to do anything which is illegal.
  • We expect all partner organisations to have in place clear policies to prevent any form of harassment or abuse and encourage an inclusive working environment to promote equality and diversity, ensuring that there is a clear and safe reporting structure in place and that all allegations will be properly investigated and actioned.
  • We will not and we expect that our service providers will not seek to obtain any business advantages by giving or accepting bribes or other inducements and will be fully compliant with all current legislation relating to bribery.
  • All donors and funders are assessed according to In Kind Direct policies and procedures to ensure that the values of In Kind Direct are upheld.
  • All charity partners and voluntary organisations receiving goods through In Kind Direct are required to comply with specific policies and procedures in order to belong to the In Kind Direct Network. These policies and procedures ensure that:
    1. Redistributed goods are only used in accordance with charities’ objects either in their operations or to be given for free to their beneficiaries.
    2. The intellectual property rights of donors are respected.
  • In Kind Direct will ensure that any problems that occur in our service will be dealt with promptly to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

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