#commUNITY Clothing FAQs

About the initiative

The overall aim of this initiative is to support men and children in need with new clothing  

Thanks to our generous corporate partner, we are able to provide up to four boxes of men's and/or children's clothing to each of at least 200 charitable organisations in our network.  

There will be no delivery charge to pay for receiving this clothing 


About the clothing

We can provide 

  • boxes of assorted men’s tops and bottoms of mixed sizes; and/or 
  • boxes of assorted children’s tops and bottoms of mixed sizes. 

Each box contains a similar number of items across different types of clothing, but we cannot provide details about the types or sizes of clothing in each box. 

The boxes are 50 x 50 x 50 cm. 


How can I use this clothing?

All clothing received through this initiative must be distributed free of charge, in line with your organisation's charitable objectives. 

In Kind Direct’s usual terms and conditions will apply. This includes not selling productsusing them for fundraising, passing them to other organisations, or for personal use by staff or volunteers (unless they are also demonstrably direct beneficiaries of your organisation). 


Who can apply?

The initiative is open to all charity partners registered in our networkexcept organisations who run one or more charity shops (this is at the request of this initiative's corporate partner). 

Priority areas

We anticipate that this initiative will be oversubscribed as our network includes thousands of UK charitable organisations. The #commUNITY Clothing initiative will be used to support men and children in need of clothing, for example because they are homelessin temporary accommodation, asylum seekers, refugees or are in poverty.  If a selection process is necessary, we will aim to prioritise: 

  • good geographical spread across our UK network 
  • geographical regions highlighted by our pulse check survey (January 2021) as experiencing particular need for clothing: East, London, North East, North West, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and West Midlands. 
  • organisations where having available funds may be a barrier to accessing our service 

Alternatively, we may choose to provide fewer than four boxes so that we can increase the number of charitable organisations who are supported. 


How to apply

To apply, please complete the online questionnaire by 5pm, Thursday 15th April.

You will need to provide your In Kind Direct account number that begins ‘CH’ to submit your response. This can be found by logging in to your account and going to Account -> Account Information.


How do I change the named contact at my organisation if I am selected to take part in this initiative? 

You can add user to your In Kind Direct account by logging in to your account and going to Account -> Account Information -> User Accounts.   

You can change the contact details for the main In Kind Direct account holder by logging in to your account and going to Account -> Account Information.