Q1. What quantity can I donate?

As much or as little as you have. We’re always keen to hear from potential donors, whether you’re offering a few boxes to several lorry loads. Even the smallest donations can make a huge difference.

Q2. Can I donate second hand goods?

We only accept goods in new condition, although we don’t mind slight seconds and products with damaged packaging. If you’ve got a mixed donation of second hand goods, you could try your local charity shop.

Q3. Do I have to deliver the donation to you?

We aim to keep our costs down so we can do more to help our charity partners. Most of our donors deliver their donations to our warehouse in Telford. Alternatively, it’d be great if you could make a donation towards collection.

Of course, if you have stock that could really help people but can’t get it to us, we’ll do our best to help.

Q4. Can I get free delivery to you?

You’re keen to help people by giving to In Kind Direct, and we’re sure lots of haulage companies feel the same. So why not contact one and ask what they can do to help get your stock to our warehouse?

Q5. Which charities will receive our donation?

We help thousands of charities addressing diverse needs. Once we’ve sorted your donation, it’ll appear on our website for charities to request. We’ll send you a comprehensive impact report highlighting who your products have helped.

Q6. How can I be sure goods aren’t being sold?

You want to donate stock to help people – not to be sold or used for fundraising. To help, charities must agree not to sell, barter, trade, or raffle goods whenever they are requested. They must also keep records of where products end up.

We’ll send you full information on where your products have gone in our regular impact report.

 Q7. Are there any tax benefits for donating products?

Yes, but it’s a little complex to explain here. If you want to discuss this further, please give us a call on 0300 3020200