COVID-19 – Essential Products

COVID-19 – Essential Products

We are speaking daily to our network of thousands of UK charity partners and will be keeping this list updated with the essential products they are struggling to access for their communities. 

To speak to our team about making a product donation, email 


Keeping clean, well and healthy 

  1. Hand sanitiser gel and wipes (must contain at least 60% alcohol) 
  2. Toilet rolls/cleaner 
  3. Tissues/kitchen roll 
  4. Incontinence pads 
  5. Washing-up liquid/surface cleaner 
  6. Soap (bars or liquid) 
  7. Toothpaste/ denture cleaner 
  8. Washing powder or laundry liquid 
  9. Nappies 
  10. Disposable gloves and aprons 

Store cupboard food and supplies 

  1. Long life milk 
  2. Bottled water 
  3. Baby food 
  4. Tinned fruit, meat, fish 
  5. Dried foods e.g. pasta, noodles, rice 
  6. Tea and coffee 
  7. Biscuits and crackers 
  8. Food containers  
  9. Pet food (and cat litter) 

Staying entertained and connected 

  1. Technology including tablets and laptops 
  2. Books and educational aids 
  3. Arts and crafts supplies for all ages 
  4. Toys, puzzles and indoor games 



Last updated 28/04/20