Donating products for the Grenfell Tower victims

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Donating products for the Grenfell Tower victims

21st June 2017

Following the tragic fire in Grenfell Tower in London last week, many of you have been asking what you can do to support those impacted by this terrible event. The response from the public has been wonderful: local cafes provided food and drink for the victims and helpers, local residents opened up their homes to let people charge their phones and call loved ones and hundreds turned up with blankets, towels, shoes, clothing, water and much more to help the victims now homeless from this devastating event. In a time where so many awful things are happening around the world, it’s heart-warming and inspiring to see Londoners support one another in this way.

However, long-term support is needed. The emergency donation drop off centres are full to capacity and the newspapers will move on to the next big story before the situation at Grenfell is resolved. Six of our charity partners responded immediately to the crisis and gave their own stocks of nappies, towels, blankets, soap and more to the victims homeless from this devastating event. Collectively, with the help of In Kind Direct’s donors, we have replenished their stocks and delivered more of what they advised us was needed on the ground. In Kind Direct is not an emergency relief charity, but with situations like this we do what we can as quickly as possible, making full use of the vast network of product donors and charities we coordinate.

In Kind Direct has now helped to satisfy the immediate need but importantly, In Kind Direct is here always, for the medium and long term to support local charities as the community rebuilds. Our service enables charities to get hold of vital goods as and when needed for however long it takes.
However, to be able to support these organisations in the most efficient way, we need to have the goods on hand when the charities request them. We would therefore be most grateful for additional donations of personal care and daily essentials (shampoo, soap, nappies, wipes, tissues, toilet roll, towels, bedding and footwear etc.) now and in the coming weeks/months. Our supplies of donated products can and do quickly reduce.

If your company has new and unused products to give that could be useful in an emergency situation like the one at Grenfell Tower then with your support by donating some of your products, we can help. We have the capacity to accept large quantities of goods from donor companies and to deliver them wherever needed throughout the UK.

To find out get in touch with our donor team: or call 0300 30 20 200.