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2 October 2020

For this month’s #DonorFriday, we want to shine a light on the brilliant longstanding commitment from our corporate partner Premier Paper Group.

Premier Paper have been a generous supporter of In Kind Direct since July 2016, donating A4 paper every single month. Over the last few years, they donated 159 pallets of stock, which represent 15.4 million sheets of paper. This equates to them donating enough paper to cover 134 football pitches or 438 sheets per hour, every hour, 24/7, for the last 4 years!

To date, their product donations helped support close to 1,300 charitable organisations of all sizes across the UK.

Paper is indeed a key product for most organisations. Much like running a business, charities require a constant supply of day to day office essentials. Thanks to Premier Paper Group and its commitment to make monthly donations of A4 paper, we are able to regularly fulfil part of that important need and ensure charitable organisations can keep running.

In this digital age, paper remains an important and trusted medium for communicating information but also stimulating creative ideas!

Pagoda Arts celebrates Chinese culture and supports the community in Liverpool. The centre is home to the first and largest Chinese youth orchestra (PCYO) in Europe, a 35 year old tradition. Growing from this core activity, the centre provides a range of youth services including holiday clubs, 0+ toddler group and emotional wellbeing sessions and sports. 

"We use a lot of paper from In Kind Direct for study groups throughout the year. We save so much money and this helps us meet the need of the children who attend.” ​ - CEO, Pagoda Arts

Companies committing to manufacture a certain volume stock specifically for charitable support are incredibly important for us. Those ‘planned donations’ ensure we can provide a steady supply of essentials to our charity partners all year round, which in turn allows them to focus on supporting people, instead of sourcing key supplies.

David Jones, Group Marketing Director at Premier Paper, says:

“Regular donations of products through In Kind Direct is an effective way to help good causes and make a strong statement about company values. Our relationship with all of our stakeholders, that’s suppliers, customers and employees is strengthened by being able to demonstrate our values, as we are able to help a significant number of charities and good causes through In Kind Direct. Our relationship with In Kind Direct has developed and is now an  important part of our cause related business strategy."

On top of being an essential supply for many charities, the Multicopy paper is also sustainably sourced. It is mainly made from thinnings from sustainable forest and chippings from sawmills. The pulp and paper are produced on the same site, minimising transportation. 95% of the heat energy used to make Premier Paper Multicopy is generated from renewable bio-fuel, produced as a bi-product of the mill, and the surplus heat from the manufacturing process is piped to over 3,000 homes and civic buildings throughout the surrounding area!

Premier Paper’s fantastic commitment’s helps us ensure that everyone has access to life’s essentials. They are a true #IKDPioneer.

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