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May 29 2020

For this month’s #DonorFriday, we want to shine a light on the incredible product donations from our longstanding partner PZ Cussons and their commitment to supporting communities by supplying antibacterial hand wash. The World Health Organisation states hand washing as one of the most effective actions everyone can take to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

The WHO global campaign “SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands” mobilizes people around the world to respect hand hygiene. It also highlights the critical role individuals play in fighting the virus by washing their hands regularly.

In Kind Direct’s network of charities and community groups is playing a vital role on the front line supporting vulnerable people. Together, our network supports over 7.7million people each year, all of whom will be touched by the current crisis. Charities are proving to be adaptable and resilient, those that previously provided face-to-face support are now delivering thousands of care packs to the doorsteps of the shielding, elderly and low-income families. Hand wash is essential, both to include in care packs and to protect the staff and volunteers working tirelessly to support others.

In response, PZ Cussons has committed to donating over 350,000 bottles of Carex antibacterial hand wash to In Kind Direct. This means that 17 million pairs of hands will be cleaned by Carex and In Kind Direct in response to Covid-19.

PZ Cussons products have gone to over 1,500 charities across the UK so far this year. One such charity is Rise Community Action in Hackney who support women across London. Coordinator Janet has this to say about accessing essential supplies:

“We received our order with great joy because it contained the antibacterial Carex hand wash we were so looking forward to receive. There were none on the supermarket shelves, so we were very grateful to receive some from In Kind Direct. These items are used in our care packages of essential products being distributed to our vulnerable service users who are house bound.”

Ian Henderson, Global Head of Brand, Carex, says:

“These are extremely challenging times for many people, and we are absolutely committed to supporting those in need. We are incredibly proud of our longstanding partnership with In Kind Direct, with whom we are able to impact thousands of communities across the UK. Everyone at Carex and PZ Cussons wants to help in any way they can and it’s our obligation to ensure our essential products get to those that need them the most.”


Find out more about what PZ Cussons and Carex are doing:

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