Donor Survey July 2019

As always we loved hearing from you this year for our 2019 Donor Survey! It’s great to learn more about our donors Responsible Business Strategies, what our partnership means and how we could better support our work together.

We're grateful to see a wide range of our donors contributing, here's a breakdown of the top four most represented job roles:

We learnt that environmental issues are high on our companies’ agendas across the board, with ‘avoiding waste’ and ‘reducing impact on the environment’ ranking most common in our companies Responsible Business Strategies. These were followed closely by a drive to build relationships in your communities and improve employees’ motivation and well-being. With this in mind, it’s fantastic to hear 94% of our donors say In Kind Direct helps them to achieve some of these CSR objectives.

In terms of stock control, 58% of our current donor partners don’t send any usable excess stock to landfill and around a quarter estimate they do it less than the year before. Almost 7 in every 10 respondents also donate some surplus products to local charities, in addition to their larger product donations to In Kind Direct.

A few top tips from our findings:

1. Almost half of you mentioned you were keen to promote us on social media!  Make sure you tag us on your channels using the hashtag #IKDPioneer

2. Three in every five of you indicated that a key benefit of product giving was for employees seeing products going to a good cause. We can help you promote this internally!  Introduce us to your Comms Teams and we can work together to let your team know the great work you do.

3. Over a third of you stated you would be interested in planned giving now/in the future or that you already have giving schemes set up. Get in touch with our Business Development team to discuss how we could create a planned giving scheme to help you to better plan for at risk/surplus stock!

And finally, what our donors say:

In Kind Direct works in a very easy way, reaching out to many charities. This way we can donate much of our overstock and avoid waste.
Flying Tiger Copenhagen
One of our beliefs and behaviours is to 'care' and we must therefore do what we can to support people in accessing essential products that they might otherwise have to go without.
In Kind Direct is a trusted partner and we value the way it enable us to give our surplus, unsaleable stock to charity rather than sending it to landfill.
Pentland Brands