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How can you make 2019 the best year for product giving?


If you’re looking to maximise your social impact this year, product giving offers a simple and environmentally conscious means of clearing unwanted inventory whilst supporting thousands of charities across the UK.

In recent years, charities have been operating with tighter budgets whilst demand for their services has kept increasing. According to our 2018 Impact Report, 82% of responding charities reported an increase in demand for their services last year, with the majority of these citing poverty in their area as a driving force behind this. Furthermore, 71% of charities expected the demand for their services to rise still further in 2019.

As part of our monitoring policy, we regularly meet with charities in our network. In 2018 our Charities Team had close to 400 face-to-face meetings with not for profits across the UK, who consistently stressed the severe pressure they experience to meet the needs of service users with ever decreasing resources.

This is where we need your help.


Sourcing products from In Kind Direct allows charities to stretch their budgets further and keep supporting the most vulnerable in society when times are hard.

Charities need a wide range of products to meet the diverse range of social needs affecting their communities.

Your products have the power to change people’s lives.

Add product giving to your company’s agenda and contact Ellie, Maya or Chris to discuss how you can make 2019 the best year for product giving.

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