FAQs for #commUNITY support fund credit

FAQs: How to use your credit when you pay for orders

Add products to your basket like you would normally. When you are ready to place your order, you have two ways to use your credit: in your cart or at the payment stage.

1. In your cart: https://cat.inkinddirect.org/checkout/cart/

If you go to your cart (which is located in the right-hand corner of the catalogue near where you sign in), on the right-hand side where you select your shipping information, at the bottom you will see a section called “Account Credit”. Your account credit will automatically be added to your order, and you will be able to see that the credit has been used against the order total underneath the “Subtotal” amount. See image 1.

Should you not wish to use your credit, press the cancel button, underneath where it says, “Your current balance is: XXXX”. You can leave this field empty or type in the amount that you want to use in the format 00.00, for example 12.50 for £12.50. When deciding how much credit you want to use up, look at the “Order Total”, as the subtotal amount does not include VAT or shipping costs.

Image 1

Image of Cart View

2. At the payment stage: https://cat.inkinddirect.org/checkout/#payment

On this page you will see a section called “Account Credit”. It will tell you how much credit you have “Your current balance is: £XX.XX”. See image 3. You will be able to see the amount of credit that has been used on your order on the right-hand side. See image 2.

Should you not wish to use any credit on your order, you will need to press the cancel button shown in image 3. Once you have done this, you can change the amount that you want to add to your order or leave the field blank. See image 4. The amount should be written as 00.00, for example £12.50, should be written as 12.50. When deciding how much credit you want to use look at the “Order Total”, as the “Cart Subtotal” amount does not include VAT or shipping costs.

If the amount of credit that you have does not cover your order cost, you will still need to select a payment option that covers the remaining amount. Once you have selected your payment option or added your credit you can continue to place your order as normal.

Image 2

Credit shown at checkout

Image 3

Screenshot of payment screen

Image 4