Category Page – Household Appliances

Small domestic appliances are core products for thousands of our charitable organisations, to run their services and give to beneficiaries struggling financially. From kettles to prepare hot drinks for the homeless, to toasters to run community cafes and irons for individuals getting back on their feet preparing for a job interview – our diverse network of charities rely on small appliances for a multitude of reasons!

According to our 2019 Impact Survey, whilst almost 80% of responding charities report an increase in demand for their services, three-quarters indicate their income has either stayed the same or reduced in the last year. Charities are having to do more with less, so savings on more expensive products such as appliances really are essential for organisations across the UK.

Our most needed small appliances are as follows:

1. Kettles

2. Toasters

3. Irons


We also welcome offers of any new, boxed small appliances, including coffee machines, microwaves and blenders.

There is currently a substantial unfulfilled need for small appliances. We are only able to supply 13% of kettles required by our charities, 7% of irons and as little as 3% of toasters.