Category Pages – Household Products

Household products are vital to ensuring the successful and continued operation of thousands of charitable organisations across the UK. Accessing these products through In Kind Direct allows charities to spend more of their limited financial resources on the people they support, not the products they need.

Whether it is to clean and maintain a charity’s premises, or to distribute to people in need, the ability to wash one’s clothes and to maintain the spaces where we live and work is truly one of life’s essentials.

From homeless shelters to women’s refuges, from older people support organisations to schools and community centres, our diverse network of charities have a constant need for household products, to both use in house and distribute to their beneficiaries.

According to our 2019 Impact Report, 92% of responding charities highlighted a need for household products to carry out their services, with 30% of them stressing a notable increase in that need over the last year. With so many charities operating on tight budgets, saving money on cleaning products can be essential to conserve funds to support beneficiaries. 74% of respondents to our survey stated that they rely on In Kind Direct to simply keep going.


Our most needed essential household products are:

1. Toilet roll

2. Washing powder

3. Surface cleaner

4. Washing-up liquid


 We also welcome offers of any new and in-date household cleaning products, such as: dishwasher tablets, bathroom and toilet cleaners, sponges, cloths or kitchen roll.


Unfortunately, we cannot fulfil the substantial need charities have for a variety of household cleaning products.

At present, we are only able to supply roughly 1/3 of the laundry products, 1/3 of the toilet roll as well as only 50% of the washing up liquid required by our charity network.