Donor Commitments – Integrate & Prioritise

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March 5 2020


The shift in public opinion on key issues such as waste reduction, transparent supply chains and the circular economy is driving new consumer trends. As a result, companies must design and implement lasting solutions to meet consumers’ expectations and demands.  

Our Manifesto signatories, along with numerous companies who have joined the #ProductGiving revolution by donating goods regularly to In Kind Direct, commit to integrate product philanthropy into their corporate planning and existing CSR and Sustainability programmes.  

Manufacturers and retailers also agree to prioritise the business case for donating products. This means they will review their surplus management processes and policies, to ensure that product donations are a simple and viable solution for any overstock. Both commitments help ensure that internal processes maximise the scope of product donations in order to achieve long term, trackable impact. 

An early adopter of the #ProductGiving model, Bunzl Catering Supplies recognises the powerful social impact its contributions make and the benefits to its business, employees and customers. Working with In Kind Direct enables companies to make a difference to the lives of millions of disadvantaged people who cannot afford the everyday essentials many of us take for granted. 

Supporting local and international charities is a key part of Bunzl Catering Supplies’ Sustainable Future programme, recognising collaboration and innovation that has a positive impact on the way we deal with waste in our business and in the wider catering and hospitality industry. 

The Sustainable Future report 2019 forms a key part of the business’s communication strategy and is underpinned by its long-term objectives to deliver Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets, providing a clear and measurable path for continual environmental. 

As part of its Sustainable Future programme, the business recognises giving for social good and its importance, value to society, benefits to business and potential for the future. Bunzl Catering Supplies has integrated #ProductGiving into its supply chain to ensure quality products do not go to waste whilst also supporting thousands of people in communities across the UK.  

Justin Turquet, Head of Sustainability, Bunzl Catering & Hospitality Division says:

Our Sustainable Future Programme provides the business with a clear communication strategy for sustainability and social responsibility aligned to four pillars: people, customers, suppliers and sustainability. It’s vitally important that we continue to lead dialogue and share best practice in an environment of legislative change and complexity. We will continue to identify opportunities to support In Kind Direct, to create positive, long-term, social impact. We would encourage other businesses to consider donating products to In Kind Direct and to investigate how they might integrate #ProductGiving into their corporate responsibility and sustainability programmes.