Launching Holiday at Home

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Launching our Holiday at Home campaign

With the support of Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we're helping to keep communities safe, clean and well this summer

21 July 2020

Here at In Kind Direct, we know this is a Summer like no other. Plans are cancelled, more people are struggling than ever before and the demand from our charity partners has significantly increased.  But we're here to help. Running until Sunday 16th August, our campaign 'Holiday at Home', aims to help you to keep safe, clean and entertained this Summer. With huge thanks to the generosity of many of our donor partners, we're launching new products that we hope will bring some sunshine to vulnerable communities this Summer. We're especially grateful to our lead donor partner for the campaign, Flying Tiger Copenhagen. They have donated a huge assortment of Summer products, ranging from crafting supplies, lolly moulds, fans to picnic and party items.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen have been a generous supporter of In Kind Direct since  2017. Last year alone, their product donations helped support 1,300 charitable organisations across the country. We and our charity partners love the variety of products that comes with each of these donations - Flying Tiger is known for adding extra to the ordinary, creating things you need, things you dream of and things you didn't even know existed. Our Warehouse team always have a lot of fun sorting through their donations, discovering brilliant products that will bring joy to our charity partners who love receiving them!

One charity who has benefitted previously is the Upper Horfield Community Trust, a community group in Bristol.

"The Flying Tiger items we received have been really great to use in our community garden. Small seed trays and watering cans are perfect for getting people engaged in gardening and bringing the community together. In short, the products make a massive difference to people’s lives. Using In Kind Direct's service allows us to release money to help the community!"

Sustainability and Social Responsibility Manager at Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Trine Pondal, says:

"At Flying Tiger Copenhagen, we are delighted to be able to support the fantastic work of thousands of hard working and change making charitable organisations throughout the UK. In Kind Direct offers a unique and efficient solution for us to reach a wide range of local charities, helping people in need. We have been working with In Kind Direct since 2017 and hope to keep our successful partnership going for many more years.
We believe everyone deserves a nice, safe and fun summer break. We are happy and honoured to support In Kind Direct’s “Holiday at Home” Summer campaign, to help our communities across the country."

A huge thank you to Flying Tiger Copenhagen for their ongoing support and for supporting our 'Holiday at Home' campaign. If you're a retailer or manufacturer who has been inspired by their work and our partnership, we'd love to hear from you.

Community garden, Upper Hornfield Community Trust

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