Category Pages – Office Supplies

Office supplies are vital to ensuring the successful and continued operation of thousands of charities across the UK. Running a charity is often like running a business, and the day to day office essentials that a charity requires are much the same. Access to these products through In Kind Direct allows these charities to spend more on the people that they support not the products that they need.

With the world being online, access to quality reliable IT equipment can make an enormous difference to how effectively a charity can meet its goals and support its beneficiaries.

From homeless shelters to women’s refuges, foodbanks to schools and community centres – all of our diverse network of charities need office supplies and IT equipment to both use and distribute.

According to our 2019 Impact Report, 96% of charitable organisations indicate their need for office supplies has either increased or remained consistent over the last year, whist three quarters of respondents reported their income staying the same or reducing over the same period.


Our most needed products in this area are as follows:

1. Laptops

2. Tablets

3. Office Paper


We also welcome offers of new and unused office products, such as printers, scanners, shredders, pens, pencils, note pads, post-its.

There is currently a substantial unfulfilled need for a variety of office products.

At present, we are only able to supply 15% of the required A4 white paper needed by our charity network.