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Escentual is committed to eradicating the damage caused by #SunPoverty in the UK, by donating tens of thousands of sunscreens to children who can’t afford it. They are also helping to educate school children about the dangers of not protecting themselves from UV rays.

Their aim is to teach and establish good sun habits during youth, while providing equal opportunities to disadvantaged children through their #SunPoverty campaign. They are also calling on the Government to abolish VAT on children’s sunscreen, as it’s not discretionary, it’s a necessity.

We are delighted to partner with Escentual and support them in their mission. Together we can amplify their message and extend their reach across the UK through our network of charitable organisations, who can access this essential product to give to the families they support.

Why is this important?

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At In Kind Direct, we exist to enable more communities to thrive. We do this through the distribution of a wide range of products with the intention of helping people keep clean, safe and well. Sunscreen is an important product that can be out of reach for many. We are so grateful to Escentual for their large donation of children's SPF’s, which means we can provide access to this vital product to charitable organisations across the UK, whilst educating children and their families on the importance of sun protection.
Maya PierreuxHead of Corporate Partnerships, In Kind Direct
Skin cancer is very real, extremely dangerous and on the increase – that’s why I’m supporting Escentual’s #SunPoverty campaign. 80% of sun damage happens before the age of 18. Escentual’s initiative to abolish VAT on children’s sun cream, educate young people on sun safety, and donate thousands of broad-spectrum SPF50+ to children in struggling families is incredibly important.
Caroline HironsAuthor, Skincare Expert

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