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In Kind Direct celebrate their long-standing 20 year partnership with P&G

Since 2001, In Kind Direct has worked in partnership with P&G - one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies who are home to iconic, trusted brands such as Fairy, Pampers and Gillette, that make life a little bit easier in small but meaningful ways. In Kind Direct distribute these much-needed products to charitable organisations across the UK, helping to run their services or to distribute to the people they support 

This 20 year partnership has generated incredible impact in communities across the UK, where extra support has been needed even more in recent months. 1 in 5 people in the UK were living in poverty before the pandemic hit* - which roughly equates to 14.5 million people - with many relying heavily on support from local charitable organisations and foodbanks within their area to get by. Support from companies such as P&G has meant that In Kind Direct can help almost 250,000 people each week with life’s essentials.

Rosanne Gray, In Kind Direct CEO, comments: “Working with P&G has allowed us as a charity to support a wide range of people, including distributing razors to the homeless, providing period products to those in need who would otherwise not be able to leave the house, and parents who would be reliant on baby banks for supplies. Over 70% of our charity network said that having access to these products have helped improve the mental health and wellbeing of the people they support**. We urge more businesses to come forward to donate products or services, and more charitable organisations such as charities, community centres, schools and foodbanks to sign up to access essential products. We will continue working with P&G over the next 20 years to provide essential items to where they are needed.   


Supporting communities with more than just products

Working together over the last 20 years has enabled In Kind Direct to provide over 7,500 charitable organisations with P&G products. Hear some of their stories:

“Having access to quality products makes all the difference to us and the homeless men we support as we are working daily with vulnerable people in society. Without access to products such as Gillette shaving products from In Kind Direct we really would not be able to provide the service we do"
"Being able to access cleaning products like Fairy from In Kind Direct through donors like P&G not only saves us money and keeps us safe, but we also know they represent quality, so we can use their products with confidence."
"In Kind Direct gives us access to period products that young people in sport need to have. My educational workshops by "The Period Coach" gives me opportunity to educate and help young people keep active and enjoy doing what they love without any physical and mental restrictions. Always and Tampax donating to In Kind Direct make projects like ours a success"
"At The Baby Bank, we have gone from supporting around 400 families to 2,500 this year already. Accessing products from In Kind Direct just makes such a huge difference"

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*Joseph Rowntree Foundation  

** Quarterly Impact Survey April 2021 by In Kind Direct