In Kind Direct X Primark

In Kind Direct X Primark

Supporting children in our #commUNITY, together.

In Kind Direct announces that in collaboration with Primark, over 20,000 children’s coats will be distributed via its network to local charities around the country reaching some of the most underprivileged children across the UK.

Lockdown has been a challenging time, especially for families who remain in hardship, leaving essentials such as warm clothing out of reach. As 84%* of charitable organisations within In Kind Direct’s network report an increase in demand for their services to supply essentials to UK families. Warm children’s coats will be distributed via their charity network to children aged 1-15 years, helping out their families at a time that’s never been more important.

Rosanne Gray, CEO In Kind Direct, said, “The value of this collaboration, simply put, gets warm coats into the hands of children and helps ease both financial and emotional pressures on families. As lockdown begins to ease, we are a far cry from being back to ‘normal’ and while organisations are working diligently to provide access to food, there are many essential items families and individuals have had to sacrifice long before this point, such as hygiene and clothing. The coats from Primark will for many children be the difference between a chance to socialise outside in warmth and comfort, to a cold experience. We urge more businesses to come forward to donate products or services, which In Kind Direct can distribute nationwide through our network.”

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*Quarterly Impact Survey January 2021 by In Kind Direct: 865 respondents from the In Kind Direct charity network