Ricoh Case Study

Save money on your copier-printer… so more can go on services

28th April

We have teamed up with a number of companies and services to offer our charitable network partners additional discounts and benefits.   

Thanks to our partnership with Ricoh, we are pleased to offer a range of refurbished photocopier-printers, with these benefits: 

  • Save money on your printing – with a one-off admin fee, and a quarterly maintenance charge that includes Toners. 
  • Free delivery – your copier-printer will be delivered to you free of charge. 
  • Reliable – Ricoh will provide servicing for your copier-printer when you need it. 


Friendship at Home, a charity that aims to improve the lives of older people struggling with loneliness and The Health and Wellness Hub who provide health and wellbeing activities across North Lanarkshire both accessed the Ricoh scheme in 2021. They have been delighted with the savings they’ve made as a result, which have enabled them to put their money towards other priorities. 


“It has certainly made a difference, especially over the last year when our income generation reduced due to us heavily relying on fundraising and people coming to our clubs.  It has meant that we have been able to redirect the funding we receive to other crucial areas of the service e.g extra telephone calls during lockdown.  Thank you for enabling our charity to do this.” Friendship at Home 


"We were able to reduce the £80 subscription every month we were paying on our printer, and put this saving towards our volunteer expenses." The Health and Wellness Hub