Small charities, even bigger impact

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Small charities, even bigger impact

Charlotte, our Head of Charity Partnerships shares the work of our network on Small Charity, Big Impact Day

June 19 2020


When I joined In Kind Direct almost two years ago, I thought I knew how great charities were. Supporting communities, fundraising to do more, galvanising armies of volunteers and putting on events that bring people together. What I’ve learned, is that really is the tip of the iceberg.  

Charities are the safety net for our society, every day. During the current pandemic their work is #NeverMoreNeeded and In Kind Direct has been privileged to connect our corporate partners with a network of thousands of charities, community groups, food banks, NHS Trusts and schools to support the people who need us. This week is Small Charity Week and today, 19th June is Small Charity, Big Impact Day. Never has a day been more well named. 

During UK lockdown, we have worked with over 1900 local charitable organisations to get essential supplies like handwash, toiletries, laundry and baby products to where they are neededThe majority of our whole network has an annual income below £100,000 making them micro charities, but together we support around 7.7million people each yearOur irreplaceable partners have the local knowledge and experienced teams to direct support where it can have the greatest impact on people’s lives. We speak to our network daily and they tell us they are having to redefine what vulnerable is. Many of the families and individuals who were just about coping before are now struggling to keep going. The support they receive from our local charity partners helps them feel cared for, less isolated, and remembered. 

New research published this week by Charity Finance Group and the Chartered Institute of Fundraising estimates the voluntary sector faces losses of £12.4bn by the end of this financial year. Without being able to fundraise in the same way and with some charitable activities that generate revenue unable to safely to take place, charities that are vital to our communities are struggling to keep going themselves. The government urgently needs to review and enhance its emergency support for charities, beyond the £750m committed in April. 

In Kind Direct helps our charity partners to do more for less, to access essential supplies and free up precious funds to delivery their work. On average, we save them over £5,000 each, each year.  

Families who were just coping before have been pushed into crisis now. We have seen the demand for food and education packages soar but people desperately needed toilet roll, soap, toothpaste and other essentials. With In Kind Direct, we can get the items people told us they needed.” 

Rackets Cubed, working across London, Hull, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham to support almost 2000 families each week


This Small Charity Week, there are three simple ways you can help ensure charities are here to support the most vulnerable, today and every day. 


  • If you work for a company that can donate essential products, contact Maya and Chris here at In Kind Direct. 
  • Donate funds today to help us carry on providing life’s essentials.  
  • Engage with the #NeverMoreNeeded campaign –whether you support a charity, or have ever received their helpvisit the web hub


Your support matters - help us today

Your support matters - help us today

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