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How a simple shaving kit can change a life

St. Vincent’s is a residential care home for armed forces veterans and joined In Kind Direct 3 years ago. They offer a variety of services including personal care, catering, dementia care and a wide range of entertainment and activities. Last year, they started to notice a change in one of their beneficiaries, named Jim. He had started to exclude himself from activities and groups he had always enjoyed and had slowly begun to reduce the number of times a week he would visit the centre. Sharon Atter, Manager at St Vincent’s, explains how a simple shaving kit helped to change that:

Jim, like many of our residents, has a very small personal budget. We had noticed his appearance start to deteriorate and subsequently seen Jim start to opt out of team activities he had always enjoyed. A soldier always keeps a clean appearance and we wondered if his self-exclusion from activities was down to shame of his appearance. I told him about an electric razor we could get through In Kind Direct and his eyes lit up. We were able to allocate some of our welfare budget to order a razor for Jim and he was so thrilled. He went upstairs with a full beard and came down clean shaven with a huge smile on his face. We wouldn’t have been able to make that possible for Jim without In Kind Direct.

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