Supporting Women and Girls

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Period Poverty and woman's day 2020

Supporting Women & Girls

CEO Rosanne Gray discusses how In Kind Direct plans to continue to support women and girls in the future.

March 9 2020


Getting out of bed with rain lashing against the window on a wet Glasgow Saturday morning was always a challenge. However, once the hockey socks were on, shin guards in place and our team was on the pitch we were soon too determined to win to notice how drenched we were! Some of my best memories of school are playing sports whether netball, hockey or swimming. They gave me confidence, a love of being part of a team and shaped who I am today. I realise how fortunate I was to never have to miss out on these activities as I could afford the essential sanitary products that enabled me to keep playing month in month out. Not all girls in the UK have that choice and are faced with the very real challenge of having to improvise sanitary wear due to affordability issues, impacting their self-esteem as well as having to miss out on extra-curricular activities.

I am delighted that In Kind Direct plays an active role in addressing this issue. Thanks to our partnership with P&G on its #endperiodpoverty campaign and to Bodyform’s renewed commitment to donate sanitary products every month for another three years, we can distribute these essential products to our network of charity partners. This will enable women and girls to continue to do the activities they love. Last year, we supported at least 500,000 people, including mothers, sisters and daughters across the UK and beyond. We plan to distribute thousands of products to help even more women and girls in 2020.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I think of the many incredible girls who will benefit from these products, but also of the women who play an extraordinary role running charitable organisations that support and nurture their communities. One of these women is Valerie Simpson, who founded CCLASP 26 years ago after her son had leukaemia. Through her sheer hard work and determination, the organisation continues to support families across Scotland through the trauma and turmoil of a life-threatening disease and have recently built a bespoke drop in centre in Edinburgh. We celebrate the many women who are often quietly supporting their communities and through their dedication and commitment are changing lives for the better. At In Kind Direct, through the products we distribute we look forward to supporting even more incredible women and their families in the year ahead!