Category page – Toys and Books

Quality toys and books can be instrumental in the development and confidence of children and young people across the UK. Accessing these products through In Kind Direct allows charities to spend more of their limited financial resources on the people they support, not the products they need.

From child support charities to women’s refuges, from nurseries and schools to community centres, our diverse network of charities have a constant need for toys and books! For those struggling to make ends meet or in crisis situations, benefiting from such products goes a long way to maintain normality and make a child feel special.

According to our 2019 Impact Report,  96% of respondents said poverty in their local area has remained consistent or increased in the last year, highlighting the growing need for charities to step in and provide for families. More specifically, over half of charities using toys and books in their activities and projects reported a consistent or increasing need for these in the last 12 months.

With so many charities operating on tight budgets, saving money on toys and books can be essential to conserve funds to support beneficiaries. 74% of respondents to our survey stated that they rely on In Kind Direct to simply keep going.

Our most needed toys are:

1. Action Figures & Plush

2. Playsets

3. Education & Development Toys


We also welcome offers of any new and unused toys and children’s books, in English.

Unfortunately, we cannot fulfil the substantial need charities across the country have for toys and books. At present, we are only able to supply roughly 1/3 of the amount required by our charity network.