Donor Commitments – Understand & Support

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February 27 2020


By considering the original purpose of the goods they manufacture and/or sell, companies can help fight poverty and positively impact people’s lives.

Our Manifesto signatories, and many companies who have joined the #ProductGiving revolution by donating goods regularly to In Kind Direct, have made a few commitments - and implement them on a daily basis. To understand product philanthropy is the first step. We are asking manufacturers and retailers to identify and quantify the surplus generated by their business, at any point in the supply chain. This is essential in understanding the potential value of the surplus to charitable organisations and wider communities. We also ask companies to work together with us to enable, promote and support - wherever possible - #ProductGiving for social good. This notably includes communicating with their staff members, customers and other stakeholders about the value and opportunities product philanthropy offers.

L’Oréal has been an early-adopter of the #ProductGiving model, having understood the positive social and environmental impact its support makes. For the last 20 years, L’Oréal has regularly donated a range of haircare, skincare, suncare and cosmetics, helping thousands of people and generating fantastic impact in communities across the country.

Beyond these ongoing donations, L'Oréal has also demonstrated its strong engagement and support over the years. In Kind Direct has been invited to participate in internal events to raise awareness of the charity’s work with staff members. Teams have supported our Big Community Picnic by volunteering to chaperone children support organisations on the day, and by donating items to help run the event. L’Oréal has actively supported and participated in a number of In Kind Direct’s PR and social media campaigns over the last few years, to highlight the role a responsible business can play in addressing key social issues.

Vismay Sharma, L’Oréal UK & Ireland Managing Director, says:

As a leading beauty company and responsible business, we are committed to supporting communities and reducing our environmental footprint. Working in partnership with In Kind Direct allows us to support communities across the UK, ensuring our products are put in the hands of the people who really need them. We are very proud of our 20-year partnership with In Kind Direct and using our products as a force for good.