Working with Carex

Working with Carex

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Since the beginning of 2020, Carex and PZ Cussons have donated over 750,000 hand wash products to In Kind Direct - which is enough to wash the hands of 37 million people! Together, we are working to fight hygiene poverty in the UK and enable communities to thrive - in just over a year Carex products have supported over 2,500 charities across the UK.

In May 2021, Carex launched their new Rainbow Fun Editions range in partnership with In Kind Direct, closely followed by the new Cherry on Top line. Alongside this incredible initiative, Carex pledged to donate half a million hygiene products by the end of 2022, allowing us to continue to support our network of charitable organisations.

Buy One, Donate One Initiative

September 2020


As part of its commitment to caring for the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic, PZ Cussons & Carex announced the launch of its ‘buy one, donate one’ charity promotion and new range of antibacterial products to help people stay safe, particularly as they return to work and school.

Carex’s ‘buy one, donate one’ campaign meant that for every Carex 250ml refill bottle purchased between the 2 September and 14 October 2020, Carex donated one 250ml bottle of hand wash to In Kind Direct and 10p to Macmillan Cancer Support.

In addition, to emphasize the need for people to keep washing their hands regularly to fight Coronavirus, Carex launched their “Carex Protects the Nation” advertising campaign throughout September and October across all formats including TV, display advertising and social media. The campaign was designed to encourage everyone across the nation to continue to practice good hand hygiene and to reassure consumers that they can trust the UK’s No.1 Brand for both care and protection when it matters most.

Carex is committed to helping those in need during the pandemic and keeping people safe and healthy. Our “buy one, donate one” campaign means we can continue to provide essential support to our charity partners who have worked tirelessly throughout the crisis.
Neill CraigieMD, PZ Cussons
During the pandemic [In Kind Direct's] range of cleaning products have been invaluable. We have made them into care packages for people experiencing homelessness, so they can stay safe.
Homeless Support CharitySouth East

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